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Veneers: The Dental Upgrade

MAR 30

What Are The Purpose Of Veneers?

Veneers are thin protective layers, typically consisting of porcelain, which are applied to the patient's tooth in order to improve their appearance. However, this amazing treatment is also generally used to fix cracked or chipped teeth and, correct an uneven smile.

Porcelain Beauty and Composite Strength

There are two main types of materials used to manufacture veneers in Pasadena, one choice is porcelain and the other is a complex of resins. There are many differences when it comes to both of these substances, but the composite resin veneers can be placed directly on some patient’s teeth without substantial training being required beforehand. They might also be produced in a laboratory, whether on-site or elsewhere. Porcelain veneers, on the other hand, tend to only be set up after they have been fabricated in one of these professional labs.

Another difference that can be observed between porcelain and composite elements is that veneers made with composite elements are much easier to repair, since they don't have the tendency to break quite as easily as porcelain. Matching the color of your tooth might be a little more challenging if you’re choosing to use porcelain, and this is frequently why numerous veneers are applied at the same time while using this method.

The Long Road to Modern Veneers

The development of this restorative layer isn't exactly new. In reality, it is been around ever since the 30’s, when a dentist named Charles Pincus first invented them. The initial versions were not very effective since they usually came off following a couple of days of application. The problem was primarily linked to the bonding material that was used to join the tooth with veneers.

These early designs were the starting place that lead to the sophisticated variations which our dentists in Pasadena use today. As time went by, new materials started to be tested in order to improve the life span of those artificial elements, while composite resins proved to be increasingly helpful since they were strong enough to fully bond porcelain to a tooth. While this material presents potential to offer nearly permanent results, the life of the veneers themselves might be equally amazing, seeing as many of them tend to last well beyond 10 to 15 years. However, if a veneer suffers harm or becomes dislodged, they should then immediately be replaced once again with newer ones.

We're Ready and Able to Get You Started!

It is quite thrilling to see how developments are changing everything in the world of porcelain veneers in Pasadena. Using technology like CEREC, individuals are now able to get a digital scan of their mouth, greatly assisting our Pasadena dentists to manufacture crowns and veneers that perfectly fit an individual’s smile for many years to come.

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