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Toothbrush Showdown: Electric VS Manual

JUL 05

The Toothbrush Truth

Whenever we say the word toothbrush, we are typically referring to manual toothbrushes. These low-technology devices have just about remained the same since first invented, aside from updates and upgrades with regards to styles, bristle materials and heads. In the past 2 decades however, we have seen a drastic increase of electric toothbrushes in households. They first started out as a luxury item, being rather expensive to purchase. Electronic toothbrushes are simpler to come by today, and the option has become quite popular among common households.

With regards to your dental health in Pasadena, are electronic or battery-operated toothbrushes better than the regular versions?

Manual Toothbrushes - Manual toothbrushes have, through the years, done their job pretty well. You can keep your dental health in top shape using these brushes so long as you follow an effective cleaning technique. Proper angling and movement is all it takes to get the best results from your manual device. While frequently considered unchanged over the years, manual brushes have evolved with time.

Today, many brands provide a wide range of brushes, giving you the capability to select from a variety of bristles, head sizes, styles and colors. Regardless if you need soft bristles or an integrated tongue cleaner, the options are certainly endless. In addition, they're pretty simple and easy to use, and you can bring them everywhere.

Finally, they are inexpensive. You may even get them for free from your dentist. On the other hand, using manual toothbrushes requires more work to get the best results. Proper cleaning means angling the brush the proper way and making certain to continue for at least two minutes.

Electric Toothbrushes - Electric toothbrushes take out the majority of work that’s required while utilizing a manual toothbrush. With a powered device, all you need to do is place it against your teeth, angle it at around 45°, and then let the brush do the rest of the work. Research has proven that electric toothbrushes do an improved job in cleaning the teeth as well. 

They statistically remove more plaque from teeth, which makes them better at reducing gingivitis and gum disease in Pasadena. These brushes have numerous added benefits, but they also come with a few disadvantages. One problem is cost, since they're considerably less affordable than their manual counterparts. Additionally, you need to recharge them or replace batteries on a regular basis, which can be viewed as an additional task. They also have a tendency to be a little bulky, so they are typically not really as easy to travel with.

What is The Verdict?

Keeping these cons and pros in mind. Despite reports saying that electrical toothbrushes remove more plaque  when compared to manual toothbrushes, our Pasadena dentist has some advice for patients. So long as you consistently look after your teeth with regular cleaning and flossing, you can easily maintain a quality state of dental health, regardless whether you’re using high or low technology.

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