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Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening

DEC 16

Many dental clinics provide take-home whitening trays as a professional treatment for removing stains from the surface of the teeth when patients inquire about teeth whitening solutions. It's helpful to know what to expect from this frequent teeth whitening technique and how long it can take to see results.

Things to Know About Teeth Whitening
Take-home trays employ a bleaching chemical like hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to erase discoloration caused by incorrect cleaning, certain meals, and tobacco use, similar to other techniques of brightening a person's smile. Here are four things you need to know about this teeth whitening procedure.


Teeth whitening requires a deliberate approach.
Before creating your custom teeth whitening tray, the dentist will conduct a thorough dental exam. Identifying the root cause of teeth staining and discoloration is the goal of this exam. A peroxide-based teeth whitener will not improve the appearance of your teeth if you have tetracycline stains or veneers or crowns in your mouth. This includes staining from the use of certain drugs and a diet rich in particular foods, it is conceivable that certain teeth may appear stained due to decay or poor fillings. Before creating a custom bleaching tray for you, your dentist will examine your mouth and take measurements to ensure that your teeth will be the ideal shade of white.

It takes a lot of time to make a custom tray.
Using custom-fitted trays offered by their dentist, patients are able to get the best results from their teeth whitening. A dental putty impression of the patient's mouth is taken at the first session and submitted to a lab for processing. The lab creates a tray that resembles clear aligners or retainers over the course of a few weeks. These trays, on the other hand, provide more area for the bleaching solution and are meant to ensure that the substance reaches every part of the tooth without spilling into the surrounding gums.

The therapy takes place over the course of two weeks.
Wearing the trays for only an hour a day for two weeks is usually enough for most individuals. It's important to note, however, that this will depend on the patient's demands and the bleaching agent being used. Typically, products with a greater concentration of peroxide are faster-acting, but they need less time on the teeth to work. Once the appropriate level of whitening has been achieved, patients may discontinue the use of the trays.

Following the directions is key to success.
Patients who choose take-home teeth whitening trays instead of in-office treatments are responsible for applying the whitening solution themselves. Preparing teeth, inserting the solution, wearing trays for a certain period of time, and brushing afterward will all be explained in detail by your dentist. It is critical that the patient follow the instructions in order to achieve the best results and avoid any unnecessary discomfort or damage to the teeth.

Each patient's outcome will be different.
It's common for people to assume that whitening treatments always result in perfectly white teeth. Bleaching may be used to remove extrinsic stains caused by a person's diet, but intrinsic discoloration caused by heredity, medicine, or trauma may not be rectified by regular teeth whitening treatments.


How Customized Whitening Trays Benefit Teeth Whitening
If you want to whiten your teeth, a dentist's teeth whitening trays are the best option available. Customized teeth whitening trays are built by dentists for each individual patient. You won't find anything like it on the shelves of your local supermarket.

Using a custom-made teeth whitening tray created by your dentist is the best way to get rid of stains and discoloration from your smile. In the end, the dentist's tray is preferred by those who have tried both the dentist's tray and the over-the-counter whitening treatment. Using a custom-made teeth whitening tray, the dentist will demonstrate how to apply it to your teeth. At the supermarket or pharmacy shop, you will not get the same degree of thorough instruction as with a teeth-whitening tray.

After using the dentist's custom-fit tray, you'll be surprised at how rapidly the color of your teeth changes. For a product bought locally to have the same effects, it will take a long time. It's OK if your dentist charges a little more for their custom-made trays than the ones you may buy over the counter. It's well worth the additional money.

In comparison to other teeth whitening methods, dentist-created trays are safer. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, professional teeth whitening trays made by dentists are the safest method for lightening a patient's smile. Because trays are custom-made to suit your mouth, there is no possibility of tooth-whitening gel leaking out of the trays.

If the tooth-whitening gel slides out of the trays you purchase at your local shop, it may come into touch with your gums and cause a lot of pain. Your dentist's tray is custom-made to suit your mouth and even the tiniest details of your bite, making it most difficult for the bleaching chemical to escape into your gums and cause damage.

Dentists may prescribe take-home teeth whiteners for patients who have yellow stains on their teeth and want to brighten their smiles at home. Patients benefit from quicker results and less gum irritation when they use a custom-fitted tray.

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