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Teeth Whitening in Pasadena, CA

JUN 24

Teeth Whitening: The truth behind it.
Make the right and the bright choice for your teeth!

Many people have awful staining due to dietary or other factors, while some have naturally discolored or yellowing to their teeth, while others have bad staining. A dental cleaning cannot solve the problem because the procedure performed (scaling and polishing) will only remove the tartar and superficial stains. Hence, if you are looking for a solution that will give you a whiter smile, you need to consider teeth whitening. However, people get skeptical as they believe that teeth whitening or bleaching weakens their teeth, so it is crucial to learn the truth about the procedure, so next time you visit the dentist, you do not jump out of your seat.

Teeth Whitening: What is the procedure?
Smile with all your teeth because the more, the merrier- or should we say the brighter!

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that involves applying chemicals such as bleaching agents to the surface of the teeth to lighten the shade. As explained by dentists around the world, with teeth whitening, you have got two options:

*In-office teeth whitening- performed by your dentist in the dental clinic.
*At-home teeth whitening- performed by you from the comfort of your home, once understanding the procedure by the dentist.


In-Office Teeth Whitening
This procedure can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and the teeth can get 4-8 shades lighter depending on the strength of the bleaching agents used by the dentist. With the advancement in technology and better treatment options, teeth whitening agents can be amalgamated with heat, light, or a combination of the two for faster, better results. In-office teeth whitening is usually a single-visit procedure, and the results satisfy the patient. However, if the discoloration or staining is severe, the dentist will appoint you for a couple more visits.

At-Home Teeth Whitening
For people who get anxious in the dental clinic and around the dental instruments or for the ones who have the patience of a hummingbird, at-home teeth whitening is their savior. For teeth whitening at home, there are a few different techniques and options, such as:

*At-home teeth whitening strips and gels. Ready-to-apply gels and strips are available in the market that can be used once or twice daily for a week or so or as per your dentist’s instruction.
*Tray-based at-home teeth whitening. These trays are available in the market or customized to fit perfectly in your mouth by the dentist. They are similar to mouth guards but in the form of a tray that can be filled with peroxide-based bleaching agents and then placed over the surface of the teeth for one to two hours daily, usually for three to four weeks until the desired results are achieved.
*Teeth whitening toothpaste. We all are familiar with it; however, whitening toothpaste is different from the regular one. It consists of chemicals and polishing agents that remove and erase the stains. But the results with a whitening toothpaste are mild, as the tooth gets only a shade lighter.

Teeth Whitening: Why do you need it?
You can be a suitable candidate for teeth whitening because you have localized or generalized:

*Teeth discoloration
*Teeth yellowing
*You want your already white teeth to look more bright!

Now the question that might be lingering in your mind would be, what are the reasons that teeth get stained or discolored? Well, here is why!

Types of Tooth Discoloration/Stains: Tooth discoloration can occur due to surface stains, tooth structure/material changes, or cumulative effect.

*Extrinsic Stains: These are the stains on the surface of the tooth. They can result from pigmented foods, caffeinated drinks, or smoking.
*Intrinsic Stains: They occur below the surface of the tooth. Excessive fluoride use or yellow inner tooth tissues (dentine) could be a factor.
*Age-Related Stains: It can be intrinsic as people age; their enamel (outer surface of the tooth) becomes thinner while the inner yellow dentine layer becomes a darker shade of yellow naturally. Age-related teeth stains combine the results of both intrinsic and extrinsic tooth discoloration or extrinsic due to factors already mentioned.

Causes of teeth staining: Teeth stains majorly occur due to extrinsic factors such as:

*Eating habits: Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, sodas, or other drinks like red wine and even some fruits can cause staining.
*Tobacco: Cigarettes and chewing tobacco are huge culprits behind teeth staining.
*Poor oral hygiene: improper brushing and flossing lead to a build-up of tartar, resulting in tooth discoloration.
*Trauma or disease: Trauma from medicines can cause discoloration in the womb even. Adult teeth discoloration can also occur due to trauma or disease treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.


Teeth Whitening- What is the best teeth whitener?

In the past, only bleaching agents such as peroxide were used; however, with the innovative technology and better techniques at the hands, better results are achieved when the bleaching agents, gels, or whitening strips are boosted with the use of blue-light or red (cold) laser light.

Teeth Whitening- But how many times?
To achieve the best results with teeth whitening, consistency is the key!

The number of sessions you need with teeth whitening depends on the method you opt for:

*In-office teeth whitening, one session usually does the job. However, if you want your teeth to be 5-8 shades lighter, 2-3 sessions are usually required.
*At-home teeth whitening, the strips or trays require you to be consistent for a couple of weeks every day until you are satisfied and as your dentist suggests.

Teeth Whitening- How effective is it?

Teeth whitening is highly effective when done right, and the results last from 6 months to 3 years or even a lifetime with regular visits to the dental clinic. For better results, you can even add in-home whitening touch-ups after in-office teeth whitening once the dentists agree.

Go whiter and brighter with teeth whitening! Smiling is the most significant factor that can make or break your personality, which is why everyone wants it to be perfect, and there is no stopping you from letting your teeth and life shine when you choose to get teeth whitening done. Because in the end, the decision is always yours.

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