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Understanding The Signs of Sleep Apnea

APR 17

-What's Obstructive Sleep Apnea?-

OSA, obstructive sleep apnea, is when the muscles supporting the lower jaw are too weakened to continue holding it in place, and an affliction forms. Consequently, the jaw falls back and so does the tongue. In this position, the airways are blocked by the tongue and makes it almost impossible to breath comfortably. This trouble in respiration proves difficult, as it may restrict the levels of oxygen that a person can get, and causes feelings of fatigue after waking up. OSA can make it almost impossible to sleep, not only for you, but for your partner as well. A lot of people report sounds of gasping or choking to interrupt their sleep throughout the night.


You will probably be very tired throughout the day if you aren't getting sufficient sleep. This may make it quite difficult to drive, stay up past dinner, or even participate in regular daily tasks. This can be a problem, since driving while tired is equally as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. The risk puts not only you, but other motorists in danger as well. The goal then is to make sure that you get the oxygen you need to keep conscious and attentive during the day.

Make sure that you can breathe effectively while you sleep, and the most effective method to do that is to treat sleep apnea in Pasadena. As a sleep apnea dentist in Pasadena CA, that's exactly what we are able to do for your benefit.


First we need to know how the air moves through your passageways. Since patients with sleep apnea tend to have problems with the air passing through their nose, individuals with chronic allergies and sinus issues are commonly long-term mouth breathers.

We'll start by determining whether you do suffer with these illnesses when you visit our dentist in Pasadena. A sleep study, whether it is done at home or in a sleep clinic, is another first step to identifying the problem. This involves utilizing a device that tracks your breathing routines, oxygen levels, and recorded heart rate. After this evaluation, we will be able to tell if you are getting the oxygen that you need throughout the nighttime. In the event you're diagnosed, the treatment options are simpler than you might think.

If an oral appliance is determined to provide ideal results for an individual, we may take impressions of the mouth area for customization. These details are then going to be sent to the dental laboratory to ensure a removable oral appliance could be produced for you to wear while you sleep. It looks just like a full retainer, which is a small device that links your upper and lower jaw. Your jaw is going to take position in a place to ensure it can't fall back at nighttime while you wear it. Your tongue will also be assisted to stay in place, allowing your airways to stay clear also. The simple outcome of this treatment that is that you improve your oxygen levels and breathe better.

Contact our dentist in today if you think you may be struggling with sleep apnea in Pasadena CA.

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