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Beware of Sugary Drinks!

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What's Wrong With Sugary Drinks?

With regards to maintaining your household's oral health in Pasadena, it is important to ensure routine brushing and flossing, but it's equally as important to be mindful of what you and your family put inside their mouth.

There's an extensive list of food and beverages which are bad for your teeth. In reality, they can interfere with or cancel out any good your dental routine is doing. Sugary drinks, like fruit juices and soft drinks, are certainly on this listing. Even though they're the go-to-beverage for kids everywhere, they aren't the best choice. Drinking too much can result in a series of dental problems, including gum disease, dental cavities, sensitivity, and even bad breath.

What Do Sugary Drinks Do to Teeth?

It is widely known that regular consumption of sugar-based carbonated beverages is not good for you, but even the occasional indulgence may have negative consequences on your oral health in the long run. When you have one of those drinks, the glucose latches on to your teeth. Bacteria, which are typically located within your mouth, eat the sugar these beverages leave behind and quickly starts to produce harmful acid. Then this acid starts to eat away some of the enamel on your teeth, leading to rapid forms of decay. Finally, since the enamel weakens, this makes the teeth thinner and more sensitive.

How Do I Prevent This Damage?

Consider other, more healthy options to quench your household's thirst, like water or milk. Natural fruit juices are another means to supply a little sweetness with seltzer water to further decrease the amount of sugar you’re exposing your teeth to.

To answer any questions about sugary drinks and healthy alternatives, contact your Pasadena dentist today!

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