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Emergency Dentist in Pasadena, CA

JUL 01

Because in the world of dentistry, today’s neglect will be tomorrow’s regret!

Dental pain or facial traumas can be severe and need emergency dental care, which is why you need to have an emergency dentist in your reach for the sake of safety and precaution. Wait, what? An emergency dentist? Is that even a thing? Well, fortunately, yes. However, people are often neglectful or unaware of emergency dental care, albeit the dental problems. Therefore, to enlighten your mind, let us delve straight into some knowledgeable insight into why and when you need an emergency dentist.

Emergency Dentist- What is the Need?
As they say, a dental accident will not arrive with a warning.

If someone has been in a car accident, you would know at the instant that you need to take them to the emergency room in the nearest hospital. But, have you ever pondered over the fact of what you should do when a pregnant woman complains of sudden shooting pain in her teeth and face, or when your kid trips facedown while playing and their front teeth break or fall out? Where would you head? Will you then wait for an appointment at the dental clinic? No, you would want to be given urgent care. Hence, here are several reasons for which you may need an emergency dentist instead of a routine dental exam and check-up.

Severe dental pain: Tooth decay or dental caries can stay hidden and painless for an extended period. However, when it goes unnoticed, severe dental pain (toothache) can occur at any point in life and needs urgent dental care, especially if you are pregnant. Apart from dental caries, a sudden, shooting toothache can occur due to other dental problems such as the eruption of wisdom teeth, any underlying gum disease, or something stuck between the teeth.
Facial injury or trauma: Accidents can occur no matter how careful you are, especially with kids. Injuries to the face can damage teeth or soft tissues, and sometimes even the jawbone can be damaged with one or more teeth falling out. In such a case, rush to the nearest emergency dentist.
Chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth: Biting on hard surfaces or unintentional clenching of teeth such as night grinding can cause the tooth to chip off or fracture, needing emergency dental care.
Pus (abscess) oozing out of or around the tooth: Even without any visible signs in the mouth such as caries or swelling, an underlying infection such as a dental or soft tissue cyst or lesion can develop, causing a drainage path or hole outside the mouth that is called a sinus. The pus inside or outside the mouth is an indication that you need to see an emergency dentist.
Problems with a dental restoration or prosthesis: What will you do if your dental filling becomes loose or comes off or your Grandpa just broke his denture, and you are not going to see your dentist until next month? The answer is simple, and you need to visit an emergency dentist to resolve the problem.
Complications after a dental procedure: Sometimes, after a tooth extraction, root canal therapy, or surgical procedure, the patient might feel severe pain, or the bleeding may not stop, or severe swelling can occur that warrants a visit to an emergency dental care facility. Albeit excellent oral hygiene and regular dental visits, dental emergencies can still happen.


Dental Emergency- What Should You Do?
Now that you know how to identify a dental emergency, you should also know what to do if you find yourself stuck in such a situation.

The first step is to locate a dental emergency office in your area and save its number for safety at all times. Secondly, immediately give first aid such as put pressure on the bleeding site, or hold the fallen or chipped tooth fragment in its place in the mouth; if not possible, rinse it and place it in the glass of milk or water (keep it moist all the time) until you reach the emergency dentist office. Finally, if you are alone, call for help and rush to the emergency dentist.

However, some situations are unavoidable, but you can still prevent a dental emergency by:

*Avoid chewing or biting on hard surfaces such as popcorn kernels.
*Use a bottle opener to open the soda and scissors to cut the threads, NOT YOUR TEETH!
*If you have a removable prosthesis, take extra care of it, handle it like a baby and keep it out of the reach of kids.
*If you are into sports, have a night grinding habit, or clenching your teeth when angry, consult with your dentist and use a mouthguard!
*In case of a dental accident, visit the emergency dentist immediately!


Emergency Dentist- What Services Do They Provide?
An emergency dentist is just like a general dentist, only better to handle uncertain and surprising situations. The treatment is done right there and then with no waiting, according to the dental emergency you have arrived with such as:

*Fixing of the fallen or chipped tooth
*Extracting the tooth if the damage is beyond repair
*Repairing the dental prosthesis
*Treating the soft tissue wounds, stopping the bleeding, and stitching it up if needed
*Restoring the tooth or starting the root canal therapy right away to relieve the pain due to tooth decay
*Draining the pus immediately and disinfecting the area

Time to Say Goodbye……. to Your Dental Problems!
Dental emergencies do and will always happen, but it is better to be prepared than to stay clueless. From toothache to trauma, do not try to treat any emergency at home with a remedy you found on the internet; it will only lead to more problems and an angry emergency dentist! Take care of your teeth because each one of them in your head is more valuable than a diamond!

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