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Debunking The Root Canal Myths

JUL 05

The Root Canal Reputation

Root canal procedures hold the reputation for various negative effects. Just mentioning it might make some dental patients cringe. However, our dentist in Pasadena, CA would like for you to get the most accurate information.

We would like to help set your mind at ease by debunking some of the common myths surrounding root canals.

Root Canal Treatment Hurts

Root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain, instead, it provides relief to this issue. However, due to insufficient tools from decades ago, root canal treatments were perceived as debilitating. With contemporary technology and anesthetics, root canal treatment in Pasadena is not as uncomfortable. In fact, a recent survey shows that patients who have experienced root canal treatment are six times more likely to describe it as painless than patients who have not.

A Root Canal is Irrelevant If You’re Not In Pain

Many times teeth that need root canal treatment will not cause the patient any pain. However, that does not mean the tooth is in great condition. Keeping up with routine dental appointments will help your dentist identify the early stages of serious decay, and can assist us in determining whether you need a root canal. Endodontists offer solutions to see whether pulp inside the tooth is infected or otherwise damaged. If it is, you are most likely going to need the procedure done.

Root Canal Treatment Causes Illness

There is no valid, scientific evidence linking a root canal-treated tooth to various health hazards. Root canal treatment in Pasadena is proven to be a successful and safe procedure. The straightforward truth is, when endodontic treatment is needed for a serious infection in a tooth, that treatment was made to eliminate any and all dangerous bacteria from the root canal, saving the natural tooth and keeping great dental health.

Extraction is A Good Alternative to Root Canal Treatment

Saving your natural tooth is the most productive choice, if at all possible. Nothing can completely replace your natural tooth. For this reason, you need to ask the dentist whether root canal treatment is an option if a tooth extraction is suggested. Root canal treatment, along with appropriate restoration, is a cost-efficient technique to care for teeth with contaminated pulp, and is generally less expensive than extraction and placement of a bridge or an implant.

If you need to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Pasadena, or would like to learn more about the purpose of a root canal and whether it is the right solution for you, contact our office today.

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